Friday, November 22, 2013

It Begins...

 photo FrenchHussars.jpg

When the original blog started many years ago, I was working on starting up a commission painting business. It was an unrealistic goal as I lacked the motivation, dedication, wherewithal and to be blunt, high end skills to offer a service that would be attract a clientele willing to pay fair prices.

Instead I'm now looking at painting for myself in only a couple of genres and occasionally funding additional miniatures purchases through some spec work rather than commissions (basically the idea is to be wargaming neutral for my WW2 stuff).

So this blog will now be more about what I am doing in wargaming as a hobby rather than any attempt at a business.

The old Wordpress blog had a fair amount of miniatures articles and posts over the years, so I will be revisiting some of them, updating, adding better photos and bringing them up to date. Whereas previously I was doing everything on the cheap, scraping up basic materials etc now I have the core setup all accounted for and some discretionary time at my disposal.

What you will also see initially at least is my journey into the world of DSLR enthusiast photography as an absolute beginner. I've decided to bite the bullet and put away the 8 year old compact point & shoot in favour of an up to date digital solution.


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